D²RS : Digital Dynamic Remote System

D²RS: the whole STEPHANIX expertise.

Each anatomical protocol controls the automation of table positioning, collimation, filters, acquisition parameters and post-processing.

The lateral and longitudinal movements combined with the column angulation (+/- 40 °) allow complete coverage of the tabletop under X-rays, as well as true rear access.

For difficult-to-position patients, D²RS has no limitation of movement up to 230 kg, and can support up to 310 kg in horizontal position.

STEPHANIX has redesigned its control console. A new design, new materials, new technologies, all these elements to make our products ever more modern.

D2RS separateur dr02 separateur vis3-d2r2 separateur vis4-d2r2
Column angulation   Patient positioning without irradiation   Back access    Stitching of automatic picture


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