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Our missions

STEPHANIX is a French company specialized in medical imaging solutions for over thirty five years.

Manufacturer of remote controlled tables, we design, develop and manufacture our products in France.

Our complete and diversified range meets the needs of x-ray departments in hospitals, clinics and private establishments.

Associated with famous partners, STEPHANIX proposes solutions in digital radiology: remote controlled tables, mobile x-ray units, rad rooms, surgical c-arms, consoles, and many other equipment.

French innovation is one of STEPHANIX’s strengths. Our D²RS remote controlled table is certified “Origine France Garantie“, the only universal certification of “Produire en France” validated by notified body, which overpasses the classic “Made In France”.

STEPHANIX is member of French Healthcare Association. This brand defends the excellence of the French offer for health products and services in the world.

Our systems are certified CE, FDA, SFDA, CSA, which allows us to achieve 30% of our sales worldwide. 

STEPHANIX head office is located near Saint-Etienne, with 170 employees in France, and a turnover of more than 47 million euros.


Our values