XTREME is a solution available in three versions:

  • Manual : Servo-assisted vertical movement of the SP4S ceiling suspension.
  • Vertical Auto-tracking : SP4S synchronized movement with the vertical movements of the table or Wall Bucky.
  • Autopositionning: SP4S motorized rotations, angulations and movements.

Multiple configurations are customizable to meet the needs of general radiology, trauma or emergency departments.

Three essential elements:

  • Ceiling suspension
  • Vertical Wall Bucky (fixed or tilting)
  • Patient table

are combined with a high-frequency generator (up to 80 kW), a x-ray tube with high heat capacity. XTREME is available in analog or with digital system with flat panel detectors, for near-instant image visualization, its post-processing and its sending to the network.

  • Available in analog version
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Suspension   Large deflection of Potter   Four-way floating table tray  



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